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Total solution of a city-grade WiFi system

Telelynx is pleased to release a total solution of a city-grade WiFi system for commercial deployment. The company offers different models of Access Point (AP) for outdoor, indoor or in-vehicle to meet various applications such as hot spots, shopping malls, colleges/ universities, buses, to name a few.  Most importantly, we deliver a total solution for operators to run a successful business, including Access Control System (ACS) for controlling / managing AP devices through Web GUI and system software to cater for different business models. 
Pay service system solution is an indispensable element of our package for operators to run a pay service. By contrast, for operators who prefer to run a free WiFi service, Telelynx offers a Free WiFi Ad system to allow users to enjoy a limited-time of free WiFi after watching a forced advertising.  Simply put, Telelynx is not only providing WiFi devices but also a total solution for operators to run a successful business.
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