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Transform to Cloud-based Educational System

Telelynx offers cloud-based Educational system which includes TED Classroom™, TED Editor™ and TED Bookstore™.  Telelynx Educational ( TED) system is aimed to transform the traditional “ teacher talks, students listen”type of education into a cloud- based one that can motivate, interact,  and inspire students, and provide catalyst for students to Explore.  TED Classroom™ is a teaching / learning portal to allow interaction between teacher, students and parents.
TED eBook Editor™ allows publishers or instructors to edit eBook with the multimedia  feature, offering eBook with a new DNA and a brand new reading experience like never before.   
TED Bookstore™ is a portal to manage ebooks distribution, sharing, and selling.
Telelynx’s TED system should benefit schools of all levels and shred light to bridging the gap in education between developed and developing countries.
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